Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Chalk Art

As kids coloring with chalk is a normality, but I was never doing things like this at 6. Together me and my two partners created this 5 x 5 master peice (as we called it) of The Northern Lights with the use of chalk and charcoal on a road in downtown Raleigh. It was an amazing experience.


Text is a work of art itself through the work of lines and how it composes into a beautiful picture of words. I don't know how many times you'd see this in a major corporations presentation, but I chose to do the letter A and create a "Sweet" feeling about it. Using a lollipop, candy chews and candy corn in my letter I think it created a cute and yummy feel.

Filter work

You may notice these two pictures from other works of mine- and you're correct. In this assignment we had to take our Photography challenge picture, as well as a scanned in scratchboard, and create a computerized work out of them. I chose to do


I was given a subject (A social Issue) to capture through film. My subject? Suicide. Many people daily end their lives, and ultimately, its nothing but a permanent solution to a temporary problem. I would be more than happy to talk with anyone who needs help, and to spread suicide awareness.

Print Making

In my print called "Cherokee" I used four colors and three different colors. Print making was a challenge for many at first because of the multiple pictures you had to make before going on to the next level. All in all, my print ended up to be another proud peice of artwork I did in Art 3.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


My main objective with this acrylic painted  clay sculpture was to make a Roman, Caesar like young man, but as my work progressed my intentions changed and my work became "Ashley-fied." Ultimately I love my sculpture's end result.

Altered book

Altered books were a great idea to me, especially since in these books, a picture really is worth a million words. One of my favorite paintings was done in my book of a dream catcher. Acrylic paint was used.


During all my years of art I never came to think of incorporating my home scanner with related objects to create a work of art. I love this work because the lace and the rose give off an elegant feel.

Cat Power

This happens to be my most favorite art project. Not only did I feel good about the result, I put my heart into making the cat look like my dearest friend who I lost two years ago. When I look at my art, Im reminded of the memories I had with him. My technique was the ever so simple lines, but in my opinion the lines together compose a complex work.