Monday, September 23, 2013

Quite An Entrance

Half Way
In this piece, I took the theme "Quite an Entrance" and decided to combine it with an indian nature and element. To me, elephants are a majestic animal that resemble art themselves; it's always fascinated me how people in India have used these beautiful animals as a canvas. 

Heavens Reflection

This piece is very symbolic to me because when I was a little girl, my favorite person in the whole world was my grandpa, John. He passed away after only spending 4 short years with me, but he had an influence on me no one else has had and I miss him more every day.
To reflect how much of an impact he left on me, I did this solely from memory using pen and ink. Compared to the picture below (I compared the two peices after I saw the picture) the piece looks like him. The lenses of his glasses are used to show "Heavens Reflection." Over all, i'm really happy with the meaning behind this art work, though I feel I rushed it, I plan on adding more over time and posting updated versions on to my blog until I feel it's completed. I want it to have as much detail as he had meaning.