Thursday, December 5, 2013

Project 8

I wanted this project to look as close to pop art as I could get. I've noticed that art 4 has made me test a lot of different styles and techniques, and while researching different forms of art I came across a pop art portrait that helped me create my own vision. I first started by taking a selfie and sketching that selfie out on paper. (the original) 

After I created the overall look of it, I decided I would use print making and make a total of 4 prints. The original, and then 3 other color altered prints. 
I chose colors that are bright and almost always used in Pop Art. 

The original will go on the black paper and so on. 

I sketched the portrait onto the matt and started carving out the stripes in the back. 
Whenever I do print making it I have a hard time deciphering what I should carve out and what I shouldn't, but this time since I sketched out all the colors prior too, it was an easier way to move forward. 

Project 7

A picture is always worth a thousand words... right? Project 7 is by far my favorite. When I was younger, my grandfather and I would read mother goose stories every single day. I can't remember when the last time I heard that saying was, but it couldn't have come up at a better timing.
My vision for project 7 was a book.
I first started by choosing a book. I chose this book because of the style and symplicity of the cover. The symbol of the cover inspired me, so I chose to keep it. 

I then took the book and separated the pages into three large sections with cardboard to hold them up. I used rubber cement to hold the pages together. 

I then took an exacto knife and carved out the pages to create a picture frame with the cardboard as the back of the book section. This created a total of three picture frames inside the book cover. 

Although this project is still in progress, I have great plans for it. 
The first section (shown above) is your average fairy tale story of the princess and the prince. The castle and the grass are water colored, with styrofoam peices behind them that will give them depth. 
The second picture frame will show the story of the ugly duckling. 
The third picture frame will show the story of the cow jumping over the moon. 
Styrofoam and paint will be used to depict at 3 picture frames. 

I decided to carve the book to legitmately create a picture worth a thousand words. The book was very thick, so the pages I cut out will be put to good use as well with another mixed media project I'm working on. I chose the three stories I did because they were the stories I liked reading about most when I was younger. Although this project is coming along slowly, I wanted to be that way so I could capture what I was truly aiming for without rushing it through. 

Project 6

This project was a mix between my want to work with prisma colors and a soul searching assignment. Around the same time I was trying to create a 6th project, we were ask to relfect on our art history. That led me to reflecting on myself as a person. I tried to remember when I first got inspired to be an artist. After I shifted through a couple memories, I remembered that when I was younger I focused a lot on drawing eyes. I drew all kinds of eyes. Big eyes, little eyes, animal eyes, baby eyes, old eyes, all eyes. So I did what little Ashley would do and started drawing eyes.
(Please excuse the colored pencil eyes and focus on the grey scale ones..... ;) ) 
Anyways. After drawing these eyes, I saw I struggled with colored pencil prisma colors and trying to layer the colors to make the eyes have depth, life and color. I decided then I knew I wanted to do something with colored pencil, and eyes. 
I stopped brain storming to write my concentration. Then it came to me. A self portrait with prisma colors. 
I first started by sketching a blue eye, like mine. 
I saw some improvement. This one was definitely better than the green eyes I drew in my original sketch. 
So I started my final drawing. 

After I completed it, I put it in my sketchbook unknowingly against a pencil sketch I had done  a couple days prior. I realized a couple days ago that the pencil pressed against the portrait and now there is graphite marks covering the portrait. I could erase them, but it contributed to the meaning and reflection of the self portrait so much more than I had anticipated. 
My face fading into the white background represents me developing as a person and as an artist from nothing. I made my eyes and my lips the brightest and most detailed pieces because they represent me the most; they're what give people insight to my mind. The accidental graphite marks symbolize the problems I face and how they may cover me, but they're never permanent. I can overcome any life challenge just as easy as I could erase the graphite on my self portrait. 
This is one of my most meaningful pieces.