Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Project #10

This piece is the first I have centered around my concentration. One of my two favorite things to do when it comes to art are plants (trees, flowers, etc) and people. So what better idea than to combine the two? 

I've always believed people and Earth are connected, not just spiritually but physically too. In this piece, i drew your average man, representing man kind. The only thing in color on the man is his heart, because that's what keeps him alive; his source of power. His heart connects to his veins, and that branches out to his limbs, ultimately turning into a blossoming tree.

I call this piece, "Branch Out" not only because his heart branches, but because the tree and the colors represent a developing personality.

I imagined this idea before even putting it on paper and knew immediate I'd have trouble deciding on a medium. Once I started, it became clear water color and ink (my favorite) was my way to go.
I wanted most to include a lot of detail in his heart and to make sure it was atomically correct. I used roughly about 6 different pictures of the heart and 3 diagrams of veins through the heart.
Branch Out to me shows the connection of man and Earth. It also demonstrates the beauty of a person, turning into their own colorful tree.

Project #9

This was my first time using oil paints, ever, so bare with me here. I knew this project would be a struggle, just because I'm a "Drawer"... not a painter.

My initial plan was to take the easy way out and paint as many flowers on a canvas as i could, But my great art teacher decided I should challenge myself (even more than I already was) by doing a portrait.
I chose to do my cousin, John, only because he'll be two in February and I know how much his parents will appreciate the painting.

(As you can see I painted more on the actual picture than the canvas itself... just to get a feel of what I needed to do.) 

I first drew his portrait onto the canvas, and thought to myself, "hey, this is looking pretty good!" (False hope) i forgot i still had to paint...
But I forced on. The beginning layers were the hardest, and I cant explain the frustration I had when working on this project. I single handedly asked for help more times on this painting than any other. I took picture of the process, and of course deleted them out of embarrassment.

After days and days, I finally came to a stopping point. It took a lot to even show my co-art 4 people, just because their oil paintings turned out so well. In the end, i know I tried. I worked as hard as i could and even if the result wasn't what I was expecting, I'm just glad I kept working on it. And on the bright side.. my uncle loves it.