Friday, March 28, 2014

Portrait of A Mother (In Progress)

This is a water color portrait of my mom. My mom and I have a relationship where one second we're very close, the next we're not. Sometimes she makes me angry, most of the time I make her angry. But 100% of the time we love eachother. I decided to do a portrait of her because I've never drawn her before. She's never been a subject in any of my art. Most people look at themselves as the creation, but don't see their parents that way. People will paint things for their parents, but I don't know anyone who has actually painted their parents. 
Anyways, I had a vision in my head for the type of painting I wanted to do. It took a bout 30 minutes just to get her to take a picture the way I wanted it. She couldn't keep a straight face (Bashful Kasey) 

Once I started painting I immediately found I had a problem. I wanted to stray away from the blue color scheme I had been stuck on. I started using reds and yellows, then green for the reflection in her eyes. Then I noticed her proportions were off, and that got me frustrated. But it's all a time game. As I continue I will straighten out her features, and darken the colors in the face. I will add her hair and reduce some of the light coming from the focal point. This painting is a bigger painting, almost as tall as me when typically I work small, so it's a stretch for me. I do like it though, I like the challenge very much. 


Art to me is about pushing boundaries and always trying something new. I may still be using water color, but atleast this time it's not a portrait... right? This time I decided to use natural objects to paint with water color. I watched many tutorials and "How To" videos on how to use different weights of the paint to create a representation of nature and not necessarily the flower itself. These were just practice to break away from portraits and the realism I was going back to. 

I love the tree I have created, I love the look of the bark and the top of the tree. The only thing I dont like about the tree is the "amateur"ness of the branches towards the bottom. But, I did learn how to better spread the paint and shade it accordingly. I figured it out as  I worked up the top of the tree, but the bottom was too far gone to save. 

The flowers at the bottom were actually a test run for my "Feeling Blue" water color painting. My plan was to do a dramatic flower at the bottom (previous blog post) to represent the emotions of the girl. But, her eyes did that and a flower would have been too much. I went back and found this test run flower, and added a few more strokes to it. Then I added another flower, and another, and a water mark, and I realized how much I liked the randomness of the flowers and the paint. It kinda expressed my thoughts at this time, scatterbrained and stressed as I searched for new art ideas. 

Sweet life (In Progress)

Yet again, another water color.
 This one I'm not finished with, but I like the way it's coming out. 
I'm a very head on type of person, I like doing portraits straight from the front because doing a profile to me is a struggle. To be honest, I thought I was finished with this piece. But then my biggest critics (my friends) told me I was far from done. And now I can see that. Sometimes artists need other artists opinions to make something great. 

Roy's Portrait

After I did my first water color I was surprised how well I could use that media. 
This time I decided to do a portrait of my younger brother Roy. He's so melancholy and sweet, I wanted to use the soft and light water colors to capture that. Had i used a different media such as acrylic or oil, the paint would have been heavy and boring, instead of light and full of energy like a little boy is. My brother is a very important person in my life. He's only 11 years old but I can go to him with anything and he never fails to make me smile. He's always been a subject in my art.
I chose to use mainly yellows in this painting to represent his happy go lucky aura. 
He's always in a good mood. 

My last water color was mainly abstract, but this time I tried to combine the use of realism and abstract to create this. I went by the picture for the stature of his face and positioning, but when it came to color and detail my mind went wild. My favorite part about this peice is his eyes. They show so much and are so bright, I feel like I captured them very well. 

Feeling Blue

My art reflects who I am and how im feeling during the time period I'm working on the project. This water color was a self portrait I chose to do. At the time I was stressed and upset, there were a lot of different things going on in my life when I started this project. From losing friends, to my parents divorce, it was a very depressing time for me. 
In my opinion, self expression finds it's way into art in small but dramatic ways. When I first mixed my water color, I used my basic bright colors such as yellow, red, and blue. As you can see blue one out in this peice, and that's very significant considering the meaning behind the painting. It wasn't intentionally supposed to be different variations of blue, but art and self expression go hand in hand. This idea came to me in the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep. I had nothing better to do... So I took a picture and began painting. 

When it comes to art I love realism. I love making things look exactly like the picture or still life. This project I went out of my comfort zone on and decided to go abstract. Surprisingly, I find myself doing more and more abstract water color painting than realism now. I love the way the colors overlay each other in a "separate but together" manner. 
When I asked my friends what they thought if the peice they loved it, which was surprising to my considering my friends are my biggest critics. They'll tell me when I'm slacking off, when a project goes hay wire. 
I'm very proud of this project and im glad to have the opportunity to show it off.