Sunday, June 1, 2014

Breaking Down

After realizing in most of my paintings I focus more on the person that anything I wanted to do a portrait that made the background just as interesting as the portrait itself. 

I started with drawing out the face and doing the basic wash. 

Then I took the colors and darkened them, adding some colors (yellow, orange) where they didn't need to be. 
I then took the yellow and tied it into the background by adding some red to create a rainbow, color wheeled affect. I took the blue from the eye and brought it into the background. 
Many layers later, I finally deepened up the colors enough to show the features and the background. The yellow in the cheeks gives them not only color, but tie it into all the other colors. 
I love this peice, I love the abstract of the colors and the paint positioning. The year dripping down the cheek, and the face fading into the background give this meaning. A person blending in with their surroundings will hide their emotions, will smile and act as if everything's fine. Then one day they break down. But they're colors are so bright. 

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