Monday, June 2, 2014

Leaving The Nest

After taking one of my pen portraits and turning it into something new, I decided to use pen and water color together for a project. I had an idea of using a bird on a tree, forming all from a basic white background. I liked the simplicity of the white, to me it added room for the viewers imagination. 

I began by drawing in pencil where I wanted everything to go. I had trouble with this and even referred to one of my class mates when asking about how to use water color and pen together. When using pen, it can't be a basic line, it has to have some curve to it, some would refer to this as sloppy pen man ship, but when coupled with water color it gives the shapes a more defined look. 

After I thought I was done, my favorite art teacher told me I did need to do something with the background because it looked unfinished. The only reason I had trouble doing this, is because the picture is so simple itself I didn't wanna take away from the bird and tree. By adding a basic blue wash in the back, it gave some difinition to the peice. 

To me, this picture isn't just something that looks good together like a bird and a tree. The two flowers coming off the branches represent my brothers and their forming lives. The single flower towards the bottom represents the amount of years I spent finding myself, until I actually did. The bird, of course, is me. And the tree represents the home I've had that's shapen me. 

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