Sunday, June 1, 2014


Back to water color this time. Realizing I use more blue than any color when painting I decided I wanted to do something differnt. I also wanted to refer back to abstract. 
Using myself as a reference, I sketched out my eyes, my profile and my cheek bones. I knew I was going to have to use a combination of realism through the features, but depend in on the colors to give the art the abstract appearance I wanted. 

Deepening the colors behind and below the face brings the face forward. Adding a hint of color where a shadow would be from the nice and lips make the face evident. 

What's amazing to me about water color is the simplicity of it. Once you understand the paint, you're able to take a few brush strokes and create something beautiful. Something that regular acrylic paint can't do. 

This painting didn't have as much meaning to me as the last one, but her eyes looking up can sumbolize whatever the viewer infers. I wanted to capture they're emotion with my color choice. 

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