Monday, June 2, 2014


One sketch I always loved was a pen sketch of myself. I loved the way a few lines made a beautiful, shapely face. 
Instead of letting this sketch lay around, I decided to do more with it. 

I took a water color wash of my favorite color (pink if you couldn't tell) and ran it all along the face. The ink mixed with the water color, giving it a variation of blue. At first I thought it was a mistake, but after adding orange and purposely adding blue to the other side of the face, the blue from the ink actually gave the face a nice variation of color. 
I like being able to take old things I've done in the past and using new skills to turn it into something beautiful. The sketch was great itself, but adding the water color mix to the portrait gives it an extra touch. One thing I've alwYs known about art since I was a little girl, is that no matter what happens, a mistake can be turned into something better than before. And that was shown in this peice. 

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