Sunday, June 1, 2014

Naturally Hidden

Inspired by my peers, I decided to do something different and try using prisma colored pencils for this project. I wanted to incorporate things I loved, like flowers, but also something to represent the upcoming choices I had to make. 

I began by Sketching out the picture and choosing what colors I would use and where. I didn't want to use the same type of flower, or flowers that grew in the same habitat for instance, to represent the differnt paths in life I could take. 

I used tropical flowers, and more indigenous flowers too. 

Prisma colors can be difficult because you have to color layer by layer. If you press too hard to begin with, the colors won't blend right. Just like with paint, the colors you use will mix a certain way. After using a variety of blues for the butterfly, reds for the top left flower, purple for the top right, and pink for the remaining flower, it was time to begin working with the face. This was the part I was most worried about when it came to messing up. It carried the whole meaning of the picture. 
I practiced multiple times with eyes to perfect my technique. 

When looking at this I'm sure the average eye would see something like it, average, but if you know me as not only an artist but a person you can understand it so much more. Senior year has been one of the roughest years for me. I've been given many opportunities and been forced to turn them down, as well as hurdled many obstacles. The fact behind the flowers is me (obviously) not so much hiding behind, but coming forward, and finding myself through the opportunities and obstacles I face. The butterfly represents my freedom, freedom to choice who ever I will become and where ever I will go. 

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