Monday, June 2, 2014

Trial and Error

For one of my last projects, I wanted to do a water color of my boyfriend and I together. As silly as it seems, in the last 6 months I've been dating with him he's helped me over come some very touch situations and helped me grow into a better person. I wanted to do a peice that showed just that. 

I started using a lot of hard, heavy colors, and after finishing, I realized it didn't look like me or my boyfriend at all. There was no way to go back and fix the features, so I had to restart. 

I noticed that instead of using the heavy colors to show emotion, I wanted to use lighter, wash colors to show the feelings. 

This time around I think it's safe to say I got the proportions right. I liked the positioning of or faces, because he's lifting me up, and I'm looking to him. And I liked to show that. I didn't like, however, how the features were so light. I almost felt that if I darkened them, it would ruin the entire picture. 

So I took a picture of it how it was, just in case I liked the simple version better. Then I added an extra step. Maybe adding some crazy color like I did with my other pictures would make it look better. 

After doing so, I realized I liked the dark heavy colors or even the light colors better than this. But art is about learning, and also trial and error. Though I liked the heavy color peice the most, the proportions were off so much the peice will never bee seen again. But, the light colored, middle peice, is my favorite and final peice. After using my boyfriend as a reference in multiple projects, it's safe to say he knows he inspires me. 

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