Monday, June 2, 2014


I knew I wanted to do an abstract portrait. And what better person to do it of than my wonderful boyfriend. I took this picture of him and edited it to show the lights and darks and colors that normally aren't there. Then I started to sketch it out on black paper. 
I didn't use a skin colored pencil in any of this. I wanted to use yellows, reds, and whites to create the skin color. I only used 4 colors; magenta, yellow, white, and black. I changed up the direction of the pencil multiple times to create a layer of color. I didn't want it to be smooth, I wanted some roughness to the skin. 

I liked the variety of going back and forth between something abstract as water color and something as real as colored pencil. One, you have hardly any control over, the other you have control over every stroke. 

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